The Commission underscores promotion of research and monitoring of national peace and stability as a pre-requisite for the achievement of a peaceful and cohesive nation. Section 25 of the NCI Act, mandates the Commission to undertake research and studies and make recommendations to the Government on issues relating to ethnic affairs. As such, NCIC generates new ideas to enrich the knowledge base that supports a policy agenda geared towards the achievement of sustainable and peaceful co-existence among Kenyans. Key among its functions, the department;

  • Collects, collates and synthesizes information on various issues of interest to the Commission;
  • Translate theory into practice through policy development, planning and implementation making it q reservoir of information to the other departments;
  • Knowledge creation;
  • Policy planning;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation.


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National Cohesion and Integration Commission

Britam Towers, 17th Floor, Hospital Rd, Upper Hill

P. O. Box 7055-00100 Nairobi

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0702 777 000


Toll free SMS : 1547

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Facebook: National Cohesion and Integration Commission

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